The Holds of Skyrim

Holds are the nine administrative divisions of Skyrim, different
from each other both in climate and local government.

Each of the nine Holds is governed by a Jarl who resides in the
Hold's capital city. The Jarls are largely independent, but swear
fealty to Skyrim's High King, who in turn swears fealty to the

Each Hold also employs their own guards, who can be identified
by the color of their uniform and the Hold symbol they bear on
their shields.

Given the independent nature of governance, crimes are tracked
independently by each Hold, and a criminal who is wanted in one
Hold may have no bounty in another.

The Nine Holds of Skyrim

The Richest to the Poorest Holds

  1. Haafingar
  2. Whiterun
  3. Falkreath
  4. The Rift
  5. The Reach
  6. Eastmarch
  7. The Pale
  8. Winterhold
  9. Hjaalmarch
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