Ready to be scared?

Thanks for stopping by our page! We can gurantee a scream when you stop by our Haunted House. If you don't we are so sorry but, we offer No Refunds! So please don't ask us, but we put a lot of work into Paranoia, so we can at least say we will have a 99% chance you will be scared after this, that is if you dare set foot into Paranoia, unless you too chicken muahahahahha.

What else we are offering:

Take a chilling ride on the Hayride of Horrors, and if you dare enter the Barn of Bedlam you just might not make it out! For the faint of heart, you may choose to shoot the zombies or test your wits in our Escape Room.


  1. No Running inside Paranoia
  2. No drinks or food inside Paranoia
  3. Pets are allowed but not inside Paranoia
  4. We are no responsible for missing items!
  5. Don't be rude and respect others!
  6. Remember have FUN!!!

Down below is our flyer for Paranoia:

Mountain View

13 Elm St
Frederick, Maryland 00666