Maze Run is a maze that is full of clowns and lights that will disorient you and want out. You begin with flashing lights that will lead you into the tunnel of no return suddenly the hallways gets foggy and clows will chase you and scare you. Come into the Maze Run if you can handle it.

Circus is a madhouse full of things that will make you feel very uncofortable and want to get out. As soon as you enter you are locked in the circus are wodering waht will happen next. You begin to spill on the floor as creature will chase you and torument you.

House of the Ghost is by far the most popular out of the all of the other attractions. this one is full of ghost that will touch and talk to you but you never see them. you spend 10 minutes in the house of the ghost and they will start to yell. this would frigten the people in the house. The reason this attraction is the best is because you dont know who is following you.