Paranoia Spooky Land Haunted Attractions

Prepare for the fright of your life at our very spooky attractions!

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Run Away!
Prepare for the fright of life!

Have the spookiest night of your life!

Here at Paranoia Spooky Land, we pride ourselves on making sure you have the most fun at our thrilling haunted attractions. We guarantee no other place will provide you with such scares and entertainment as we will here!

Our Address

We are located at 13 Elm Street, Frederick, Maryland 00666. We are open from September 29 - October 31, from 7pm until midnight. We have a parking lot that can accomadate cars and buses.

For more information, please visit our parent company. If you would like to view one of our fliers, click here.

! Disclaimer ! We at Paranoia Spooky Land are not responsible for any injuries or stolen items while at the location.