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Career Options

Students with a four year degree would find easy employment with medium to large corporations and local, state, and national government positions. Starting pay ranges would be in the $30,000 to $60,000 per year range depending on their field of expertise in web design. There is a great need now and there will be in the future for students who know programming such as MSQL, PHP and data base programming. These positions would be at the very top of the salary level. Students with a two year/trade school degree will find easy employment in metropolitan areas. Many would have to accept entry level to mid level positions depending on their knowledge of web design. Those students with a working knowledge of MSQL, PHP and data base programming would easily find positions in the upper level salary ranges. Students completing the Web Design class would be qualified for entry level positions in the fields of: graphic design and web design. Starting wages would be in the lowest end of the salary range. Positions would most available in the metropolitan areas.